Greetings to all Readers at Pebblebrook High School


Welcome to the Pebblebrook High School pre-course reading blog. The Pebblebrook English Department believes that the required reading assignment is an opportunity for students to establish a broad literacy foundation and exercise independent reading and thinking skills.  All grades will utilize a blog to post their assignments. Please use these instructions to set up a blog, if you do not already have one set up.  How to Set up a Blog

Click on the link that is specific to the grade/course you are registered for to view content relevant to your pre-course reading text.

If you have a question about any course, please direct your questions to the English Department Chair, Celeste Coyle, at

*Please note that pre-course reading is for ALL English Courses. If you have an AP or honors class (excluding Honors 9th lit), your pre-course reading is due the first day you return to school – August 1st –  regardless of the semester of your English class. 

You may submit your blog address using this link:

Summer Reading Blog Address Submission

 Need a local bookstore to get your book?  Check out The Book House on Veterans Memorial.

Summer Reading

If you are interested in additional reading programs over the summer, please use this link :