10th Grade

10th Grade

World Literature and Honor’s World Literature: There are two tasks to complete for pre-course reading. Click on attachment here for full details: World Literature Pre-Course Reading 2017-18   You will need to click on this attachment for the chart you need to complete in Task Two.


Choose someone from any time in history or fiction that you consider a hero. This can be an actual person, or a character in a respectable work of fiction.

  1. Type a paragraph, complete with thesis statement, support, and conclusion.  Label the top of the page with your first and last name, the date, and a creative title for your paragraph.  In your paragraph, be sure to answer these questions (feel free to go beyond these as well).  What are the traits of a hero?  How does (the person you chose) fit the definition of a hero?  What elements of his/her life contribute to creating a heroic personality?  What are the conflicts and challenges s/he faced, and how did s/he overcome those challenges?  Is it important to have and recognize heroes in a society, and why or why not?  Finally, what is a hero to you?


  1. Find a book at or just above your reading level. (See the list of options below.) This may be a biography or autobiography, a novel, historical fiction, or another genre.

Watch the TEDEd video link below.  Complete the chart  tracking your hero as he or she goes through the stages of the hero’s journey.  You will identify and explain each stage of the journey.  We will build upon this at school, so do your best work and be prepared

What Makes a Hero? – This is the TedEd Video Link. Watch this video before you work on your chart

Hero’s Journey Overview – review this document for more information on the Hero’s Journey

Think Quest

Hero’s Journey in Movies