12th Grade

Multi-Cultural Literature

Read each of the four articles and respond by generating a video blog or written blog post, How to Set up a Blog, in which you will complete one of the following summary activities.

Article 1: Why the Best Kids Books are Written in Blood by Sherman Alexie

Article 2 Why Black Lives Matter (Pick one of the articles from this list to read.)

Article 3 Who am I?  Think Again Ted Talk by Hetain Patel

Article 4 NPR Race Card Project– Read several of the six word essays and complete the activity below

Honor’s British Literature  Read John Gardner’s Grendel and complete the following blog responses per chapter and complete the critical analysis essay. HonorsBritishLiteratureAssignment


AP Literature


  1. Read How to Read Literature like a Professor by Thomas Foster
  2. After reading the novel, choose a chapter of the text to apply to your reading of the short stories listed below. While reading, think about how you can apply the concepts that Foster illustrates in the text to your analysis.  For instance, based on my reading of the chapter “Is that a Symbol?” how can I analyze “A Rose for Emily” for symbolic relevance?  After you have read the short stories, you will write a 2-3 paragraph analysis of each short story applying the information from Foster’s book.  You must use 5 different chapters from the novel (not just the same one over again).  These summaries should be posted onto your blog, which you will submit on the first day of school (see note below).

Short Stories:

“A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner

“Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin

“A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Conner

“Stranger in the Village” by James Baldwin

“Battle Royal” by Ralph Ellison

How to Set up a Blog

You will hand in your blog address to your teacher on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL (regardless of what semester you have literature)!!!